Napat Treepalawisetkun started making short films in his high school. He has been sending films to Thai Short Film and Video Festival by Thai Film Foundation since the 11th festival and received 3 awards, Special Mention of the Special White Elephant Award from the 11th festival, Vichit Matra from the 12th festival, and Special Mention of the White Elephant Award from the 14th festival. In 2010 Napat's short film, We Will Forget It Again, which is a record of violence on 19th May in fictional way, was nominated for White Elephant Award in the 14th festival. Now he is a junior at Bangkok University in Film Department and working on a project of three short films about women called The Story of Aoy, Muaglek and Other Women.


We Will Forget It Again
2010 / Drama / Sound / Colour /9 minute / English Subtitle

Two sisters are preparing food for their mother's comeback from the alien abduction since May.


The Womb In Aquarium
2010 / Sci-Fi, Drama / Sound / Colour / 23 minute

In the future world, after a big flood that continues for 40 years. The world citizens are not allowed to mate freely. Whoever wants to have a baby must ask their government for permission. Aoy is one of those who want a baby...