Eyedropper Fill are 4 members; Boe, Best, Peach, and Nutt. They have been working together since the second year at King Mongkut University Technology of Thonburi where they were all studying in the Communication Design department. They join together because each of them is interested in motion pictures and has their own expertise.

Their first work is visual in a small concert called "Dubsocial" which many artists make music and experiment together. And their first solid chance to broadcast their work is "Bard", Lomosonic's music video, which they could experiment with story telling, concept of shooting and the medium that they used. After that they've a chance to make another music video in different labels which are "Kong Kwan" from Musketeer and "Hoo Hoo" from Singto Namchoke.

In the future, they will be working on a project about video mapping and architectural structure.


Duty of time
Director : Nuntawat Jarusruangnil
2010 / Documentary / sound / colour / 17.06 minute / English Subtitle

This film is started from memory behind thing, that make me observed and collected everything even smell of member in my family.
Activity of each people in family that was looping everyday can tell about the story behind their mind. In Chinese culture they believe in duty along with the period of time. What they do and what did for? it's away have a reason behind but they didn't say, supposing that you be stand still for a while let the time passing by and look at them carefully you can understand everything they did.


He in me
Director : Kittikhun Kittisowan
2009 / experimental / sound / color / 11 minute

His family was completely Chinese, the relationship between them is about respectful and understanding, the rules pass through from each lineage until these days.
Deeply inside their relationship, happiness still revolve around them, and verbal abuse still revolveunderneath the happiness, now he really feel that verbal abuse is a partner of happiness, and he can sense that his mentality reveal another side.


Director : Panapan Tangsomboon
2010 / Experimental Film / Sound / Color / 13mins

Build, manufacture, invent, or layering are not different from mixing other things together. Not differently from human that be create and transferring many informations included garnishing on empty body. Those are gathering elements from society, family, friends and etc. The reflection of other person to yourselves can effect to your reflect every milliseconds. From quotation "Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everybody I've ever known"