Root Lab is a genetic experiment about social space. We are interested in visual and sound medias based on the contexts about social, politic, and culture, focusing on works from newcomers who are still studying or fresh graduates. We hope that this visual and sound art showcase will be like a space where artists in the same age and same interest can meet up and exchange their points of view in order to develop their works later on.

Experimental Program

The first step of the new beginning (of mine) : Wachara Gunha
MV Ram Wong Songkran : Wassachol Sirichanthanun
He in me : Kittikhun Kittisowan
Reflect : Machima Ungsriwong
Woman in democracy : Arthawut Boonyuang
Chay,Gayvah-rar the Machupicchu : Chaloemkiat Saeyong


Documentary Program

Duty of time : Nuntawat Jarusruangnil
Lost : Yingsiwat Yamolyong
History in the air : Chaloemkiat Saeyong
Remembrance : Sittiporn Racha
time to be ... : Arthawut Boonyuang
Who Can Forget : Wassachol Sirichanthanun


Fiction Program

Fabricative : Panapan Tangsomboon
PRISONER OF LOVE : Wachara Gunha
The Womb In Aquarium : Napat Treepalawisetkun
employees leaving the Lumiere factory : Chaloemkiat Saeyong
BLUE BLANK : Wachara Gunha
We Will Forget It Again : Napat Treepalawisetkun
Enlighten : Thanachart Siripatrachai


Poster Design by Phim Umari

Root Lab with support from Siam Inception